Write Me!

I would love to hear from you! Emails and paper letters are greatly appreciated. :)

My email is cristina.knapp@myldsmail.net

If you'd like to send me a letter (no packages please) in Brazil, please send it to the mission home:

Sister Cristina Knapp

Caixa Postal 2321 Teresina PI
CEP: 64001973
Missão Brasil Teresina


Cristina's mother's note: She only has 40 minutes of allowed Internet time per week (and it doesn't matter if it goes slooooow, they don't get extra time) In that time they have to read the week's messages, respond and upload pictures. HOWEVER, they can get regualr mail (that is letters) any day. They again, can only respond on their once a week preparation day. This is a rule that allows them to focus better on their mission. Missionary time is very precious!

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  1. Hola Cristina,
    Soy Susana la amiga de tu madre. Me he alegrado saber de ti. Se que vas a estar muy bien y que va a ser una experiencia increible que va a hacer crecer tu fe. La figura del misionero entre los miembros es muy importante y seguro que vas a dejar huella.
    Un beso muy fuerte, cuidate mucho y que pases una Feliz Navidad!