Monday, January 26, 2015

Casamento e trabalho!

Ola a todos!

Something I never really thought Id get to do on my mission: plan a wedding! haha Not that I personally did much, but we four sisters in Cidade Jardim got to decorate the cultural hall for the wedding of F and T, two investigators! It was great fun :) 
This week was a little tough, our three most progressing investigators decided they didnt want to hear the lessons and work towards baptism anymore. But we did our best and hopefully someday A and N and M will remember the spirit that they felt and be baptized!
A neat miracle happened with our investigator FC this week: Sister Maeno and I had started teaching him but he wasnt really interested so we gave him a Book of Mormon for Christmas and just gave him time to read for a few weeks. Sister F. Santos and I went back this week and he was so happy! He has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and wants to work towards baptism!!!! Seriously, miracles happen every day. I know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and that it has the power to change lives for the better, its changed mine. I invite you all to read and reread and let it bless your life as you search, ponder, and pray. 

Muito amor,
Sister Knapp

Wither her new companion

Monday, January 19, 2015

Cidade Jardim parte dois!

Ola a todos!!

Sooooo.... transfers..... I get to stay in Cidade jardim! Sister Maeno was transfered though, but my new companion is AWESOME! Sister F. Santos is from Curitiba Brazil and this is her last transfer in the mission! She's pretty much my favorite and these next 5 weeks are going to be awesome.

Miracle of the week: on Sunday we were going to pick up investigators to walk to church with them. We stopped by A's house and her husband called us to come in and we found her laying on her bed crying. She had had a huge argument with her daughter and was just having a really awful morning. We ended up praying with her and guess what? After the prayer she got up and got ready for church! It was such a miracle and strengthened my testimony that PRAYER WORKS and has so much power! We're praying that she will be baptized this week!

We're trying now to find lots of new FAMILIES to teach, so hopefully more cool stories next week. 

Muito amor,
Sister Knapp

Monday, January 12, 2015

Eu amo os domingos!

Oi a todos!

Firs tof all, this computer's spacebar is kind of uncooperative so sorry if the words squish together because Im typing fast.
This week was great as usual! We didnt have any baptisms but we had A come to church with us! AND a new family we startedteaching, N and his mother MJ and his sister A and her daughters, came to all of church yesterday andloved it! It made me so happy! Truly my testimony of keeping the Sabbath Day holy and goingto church has been strengthened.I love the scripture in Doctrince and Covenants 59:9. I know that when we go to church and renew our covenantsthrough the sacrament we really do receive strength and help for the comingweek. Its SO important to not take this for granted! 

Transfers are today, but I havent heard yet if I or my companion is staying or going, so next week you can all know. :) Either way, I get to continue to be a missionary in the Brasil Teresina mission so Im happy! :)

Muito amor e boa semana,
Sister Knapp

NOTE from Cristina's mom: Since she has not sent any pictures, I am posting this one that I got from her companion a couple of weeks ago! And the Spanish translation :)
She is afraid of visruses in the Internet Cafe computers, Also computers there are very slow and she doesn't have much time to read or write email, but she has promised to send her photo card in a letter and then I will post lots of pics!!

Oi a todos!
Esta semana fue genial, ¡como siempre! No hubo ningún bautismo, pero los investigadores (A y una nueva familia) ¡vieron a la iglesia con nosotros! Y empezamos a enseñar a una nueva familia: N y su madre y su hermana MJ, A y sus hijas, estuvieron en todas las reuniones de la iglesia ayer ¡y les encantó! ¡Me hizo tan feliz! En verdad mi testimonio de asistir a la iglesia y mantener sagrado el día de reposo se ha fortalecido. Me gusta mucho la Escritura en Doctrina y Convenios 59: 9 (Y para que más íntegramente te conserves sin mancha del mundo, irás a la casa de oración y ofrecerás tus sacramentos en mi día santo). Sé que cuando vamos a la iglesia y renovamos nuestros convenios con el Señor al tomar la Santa Cena realmente recibimos fuerza y ayuda para toda la semana. ¡Es muy importante no olvidar esta bendición!
Hoy es día de traslados, pero aún no sabemos si nos cambian a mí o a mi compañera, así que la próxima semana os contaré todo. :) De cualquier manera, tengo la oportunidad de seguir siendo misionera aquí en la misión de Brasil Teresina ¡así que estoy feliz! :)
Muito amor e boa semana,

Sister Knapp

Como no ha enviado ninguna foto, os pongo esta que recibí de su compañera hace un par de semanas.  Casi no tienen tiempo de escribir (y ella tiene muchos amigos que le mandan emails, así que nos escibr un par de líneas a todos), además no se fía de los virus que pueda haber en los locutorios de Internet. Me ha primetido enviarme su tarjeta de memoria de la cámara en una carta y cuando me llegue, subiré un montón de fotos a su blog :) Gracias por vuestro cariño y apoyo a esta preciosa misionera.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Ano de missão e milagres!

Oi família e amigos!

Feliz ano novo! I hope its been great for everyone! Im so stoked for 2015, its my WHOLE YEAR AS A MISSIONARY! 
So this week has been great, we hopefully have two baptisms this next Saturday! A has been making so much progress and we gave her and her grandson a tour of the church and they LOVED IT! And L is amazing too, and she keeps the commitments so well and has a testimony of the restored gospel! Its amazing to see the gospel changing the lives of the people we teach. 
This week I have been studying a lot about faith. One scripture I loved was Ether 12:14. We substituted Sister Maeno and Sister Knapp for Nephi and Lehi and Brazilians for  Lamanites. Its great!
Have a lovely week!
Muito amor,
Sister  Knapp

Oi família e amigos!
Feliz ano novo! Espero que la entrada de año haya sido buenísima para todos. Yo estoy  muy contenta porque 2015, es ¡el único año COMPLETO COMO MISIONERA!
Esta semana ha sido muy buena y esperamos tener dos bautismos este próximo sábado. A ha progresado mucho y cuando le dimos a ella y a su nieto un tour de la iglesia ¡les encantó! Y L es una persona increíble también, mantiene los compromisos ¡y ya tiene un testimonio del Evangelio restaurado! Es increíble ver cómo el Evangelio cambia la vida de las personas que enseñamos.
Esta semana he estado estudiando mucho sobre la fe. Una escritura que me encantó y fue Éter 12:14.
He aquí, fue la fe de Nefi y de Lehi lo que obró el cambio en los lamanitas, de modo que fueron bautizados con fuego y con el Espíritu Santo.  
Sustituimos la hermana Maeno y la hermana Knapp por Nefi y Lehi, y brasileños para lamanitas. ¡Es genial! J
¡Que tengáis una muy feliz semana!
Muito Amor,

Sister Knapp