Monday, January 19, 2015

Cidade Jardim parte dois!

Ola a todos!!

Sooooo.... transfers..... I get to stay in Cidade jardim! Sister Maeno was transfered though, but my new companion is AWESOME! Sister F. Santos is from Curitiba Brazil and this is her last transfer in the mission! She's pretty much my favorite and these next 5 weeks are going to be awesome.

Miracle of the week: on Sunday we were going to pick up investigators to walk to church with them. We stopped by A's house and her husband called us to come in and we found her laying on her bed crying. She had had a huge argument with her daughter and was just having a really awful morning. We ended up praying with her and guess what? After the prayer she got up and got ready for church! It was such a miracle and strengthened my testimony that PRAYER WORKS and has so much power! We're praying that she will be baptized this week!

We're trying now to find lots of new FAMILIES to teach, so hopefully more cool stories next week. 

Muito amor,
Sister Knapp

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