Monday, October 26, 2015

Um ano de missão e conferência!

Yet again, this week has been crazy awesome and miraculous! First of
all, transfers: Sister Reis and I are staying another transfer
together in Parnaíba! AND Sister Robins and Sister Lockhart too!!!
Which is wonderful, because I love those sisters!
This past week I hit my year mark, officially old in the mission now.
I cant believe how fast time is flying! I was able to celebrate my
year mark with MISSION CONFERENCE, where we traveled to Teresina and
were able to have a conference with Elder Marcos Aidukaitis which was
wonderful and super spiritual! We left feeling very repented and
wanting to share the Book of Mormon with every living soul on the
Earth even more than usual :)
Funny story of the week: yesterday we had lunch with Presidente Rocha
(our branch president) and his wife Nalda, who are super great. Pres.
Rocha teased us that we were going to eat chameleon because he had
climbed the cashew tree to get one just for us to eat. :) Lunch was
delicious and even though we ate chicken, we said that it was
chameleon. Example "Sister Reis, would you please pass the chameleon?"
and "Irmã Nalda, this chameleon is wonderful!" :) I didnt get to eat
any lizard creature this week though, but I did eat chicken heart so
thats interesting-ish!
Miracles of the week: B and J are progressing so much! They loved
church yesterday and told us that they are excited to come every week
and to all the activities. :) Our big miracle of the week was a SUPER
AMAZING FAMILY that we found and have started to teach. Their names
are F and F, and they have the cutest daughter, B, who is 2 and talks more 
than any other kid I've met. They loved
the message of the Restoration and the dad gets up early to read the
Book of Mormon! So excited to teach them more and help them progress
to baptism and having an eternal Family!!
This week I've been finishing up the Book of Mormon, which has taken
me forever to read in Portuguese, and I've been reflecting on how much
Ive come to love and appreciate this magnificente book in this past
year. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God because as I
study and apply what I learn, I come to better know my Savior and find
answers for my specific questions and struggles. The promise that it
contains, that EVERY person who reads, ponders, and asks God can KNOW
by the power of the Holy Ghost that the Book of Mormon is true. I'm so
grateful that our loving Heavenly Father gives us scriptures like the
Bible and the Book of Mormon and the words of modern prophets to guide
us on our path to return to Him.
Have a wonderful week!
Muito amor,
Sister Knapp

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