Monday, November 16, 2015

Prayers for front teeth and other service

This week was great, as usual! Sister Reis and I have the habit of asking everyone we talk to what we can do to help them, and this week we had the opportunity to do a small service project! We met a sweet widow named Graça and we helped her clean her house and wash and sort her laundry. It was great, she told us stories about the giant chameleon who lives in her yard and we learned some interesting "facts": perfume scares away cockroaches, if you have a runny nose you can eat three acerolas (fruits here kinda sorta similar to cherries) and you will be better, crochet is super important to life, and much more. :) It strengthened my testimony that any day can become much much better when we forget ourselves and serve others! Also a cute primary boy asked us to pray for his two front teeth to come soon, and after we prayed he thanked us and said that now he knew they wouldn't take too long. :)
Another miracle of the week was that we were able to find and teach quite a few families. In a few of the cases, THEY called out to us and asked us to share our message, which of course we gladly did! One of these families, N and E, have started reading the Book of Mormon, but they told us they weren' t too interested. However, to our wonderful surprise, they came to church yesterday and loved it!!! We are also teaching their neighbor, D, a sweet older lady who read up to 1 Nephi 5 between our first and second visit and when we got to her house she said "I love this book!" Funny story about her and the Book of Mormon: when we gave her a copy she said "I' m going to open it up and whatever I open to is what the Mãe Rainha (Mother Queen - Mary) wants me to read" She opened up to Alma 17: the chapter about Ammon and the Lamanite arms. :)
B and J are doing great, they finished reading 1 Nephi yesterday! WOOHOO! Their baptism is this Saturday and we are super excited! Its been so neat to see their testimonies grow and how much the gospel blesses them! Yesterday they gave us a ride home and we sang primary songs together! :)
Yesterday was branch conference and Sister Reis, Sister Lockhart, Sister Robins and I sang a special musical number "Lord I Would Follow Thee" and it was really spiritual. :) The thought I' d like to share this week comes from President Santos' (district president) talk. He taught about the importance of being a disciple of Christ rather than just a member of the Church. A member needs to be visited and loved, while a disciple visits and loves, regardless of whether or not they receive the same. When we are disciples of Christ, we do what He would do and be who He would have us be. 
Have a wonderful week!
Sister Knapp

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