Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Batismo do Genesio!

Boa tarde!
This comes a day late due to TRANSFERS! I can't believe this is it.... But the time has come, and now begins my last transfer. Gulp. Well, its going to be AWESOME!
Sister Robins and I asked if there was some sort of punchcard or Frequent Trainer Miles because once again, we are both staying in Parnaíba (for the FIFTH transfer) and training new sisters (the FIFTH sister... I guess 5 is the lucky number!) I'm super super excited to be able to finish my mission in my beloved Parnaíba Ramo 1! Sister Richards is going to Maiobão (my last area!) and  I'm going to miss Sister Richards. She is going to Maiobão (Maiosião as we call it) and I´m super excited to train a new Sister ! I get to meet her in about an hour! Woohoo! There are three sisters coming this transfer and the trainers are Sister Robins, Sister Nascimento and I. It was so good to see all the sisters in Teresina, and seriously, my mission is the bestest. :)
Now for the stories of the week:
Genesio was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday! Woohoo! He got married on Thursday (which we didnt even have to do anything for, it was already in the process and we just had to wait!) and lets just say it was an eventful week! His wife isnt a member (in fact, she is Buddhist) but she supports him and Genesio absolutely loves the Church! His baptism was super special and spiritual and almost everyone there bore their testimonies to him about how great of a choice he made and how much they admire him. The baptism itsself was an adventure, Id never heard of anyone baptize a man with just one leg! But Zeca, the brother who baptized him, was great and Leandro, another brother from the branch, got in the font too and with teamwork the baptism was a success! There were definitely angels involved too because Leandro said they almost slipped helping Genesio into the font. :)
On the day of the baptism, we were walking towards Iasmins house to go do visits with her when it started to POUR RAIN. And we had forgotten our umbrellas soooo we got soaked. So much that Iasmin had to lend us new clothes. So my fancy clothes in the baptism pictures arent even mine! haha It was quite the adventure.
On Sunday, the last day of the transfer, I was able to give a talk in Church and then we did a musical number. Sister Richards sang and I played the piano and we performed Dearest Children God Is Near You. Oh man, I love music! It was such a special meeting.
We have this investigator, Rafael (no, not Sara's Rafael, another Rafael... This could get confusing...) who was a reference from Zeca. He's really cool! He is a lawyer and he is super smart. Well we are teaching his mother, Ana, and she is never home! But after the third time we went to teach Ana and she wasnt there we decided it was a sign that we just had to teach Rafael too. The problem was since he was home alone we had to teach him outside of his house. When we taught him the first time two of his friends were there too. We taught the Restoration and one of the friends just wanted to Biblebash. But it was a good lesson and we marked to come by the next day. The next time we taught about the Book of Mormon and the Biblebashing friend, Ismael, said "No way, I dont like that book, I only like the Bible. I dont want to read it!" We told him that he couldnt say he didnt like it if he never read it! Come on, its like Green Eggs and Ham! haha He finally agreed to read a chapter and we agreed to meet the next day. Well the next day came and Rafael had read and loved it, and Ismael came out of his house in the middle of the lesson, Book of Mormon in hand and said "Okay, I read the chapter. It was really good!" We then started talking about Alma 32 and how it teaches about faith when Givanildo, the other friend from the first lesson shows up. We explained briefly about the Book of Mormon, marked Alma 32 for him too, and continued talking. And Givanildo stood there and read the whole chapter without us saying anything! haha It was super funny because if anyone tried to talk to him he would say "Shh! Im reading!" It was such a cool lesson, sitting outside this house with these three men excitedly explaining the parts they liked in the chapter they had read. I sure love the Book of Mormon and I know that ANYONE who reads it with a sincere desire to know if it is true can know for themselves that this book comes from God.
Well, time is almost up and we are on our way to meet our new companions! EXCITED! Have a wonderful week and dont forget to count the miracles!
Sister Knapp

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