Monday, April 20, 2015

Week of megamiracles!!

So this week (actually, this transfer so the past two weeks) has been so full of miracles I don't know how to write even a third of them. It feels like Heavenly Father has been reserving all the super giant mega miracles for this transfer, which is totally okay because His timing is perfect! So first of all: we have these two awesome couples who have been investigating the church for all of my time here. Heres the miracle part: Maria and Reginaldo have set the date for their wedding and baptism for May 9 and Amparo and Gilmar are going to set the date this week for probably the end of May!!!!! We've worked so hard and are so excited for this!! Especially because May 9 is the last S

aturday of the transfer! :D 
Funny story of the week: we've been taking a bit of time these days to knock on doors, not very effective but we've had some results. Its funny to hear some people's reactions when we knock and they ask "Who is it?" ANd we say "Sisters!" Pretty much 99% of the time they dont understand and repeat "Who?" "Sisters!" "Who?" "Missionaries" haha Once the lady opened the door and she had understood "Bills!" and another elderly man understood "Clovers!" So basically now every time we knock on a door and they ask who it is I have to answer because my companion is laughing her head off :) haha
We also had an amazing lesson with this lady who wasnt too interested the first lesson. At the end of our second lesson (with the Spirit very stronly present) we asked her why she had invited us back. She then replied with tears in her eyes "Because you make me feel important and like I have a purpose. I havent been doing very well following Christ but He seems to be reaching out to me through you two." Wow. Its incredible to be a representative of my Lord andSavior Jesus Christ. I know He lives. I know He loves us and paid the price for our sins, we just have to do our part now and keep His commandments. But when we keep the commandments, we only gain more and more happiness! The gospel is so perfect! <3
Have a wonderful week and remember how much Heavenly Father loves you!
Muito amor,
Sister Knapp

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