Monday, December 28, 2015

Natal e os presentes

Feliz Natal!
This past week has been wonderful, funny stories and miracles and all! Lets begin with the latest variation of my name (okay, Im starting to think the creativity will never run out). Sister KnaTT because t and p sound similar and either way its a weird name here. :)
Now for the funny stories: the other day we were waiting outside of a funeral office (its a good meeting spot because everyone knows where it is) and a guy exits wearing a black and purple witch hat like its the most normal thing in the world. Sister Richards looks at me with a face of suprise and exclaims "Is this Hogwarts?!" haha Another funny story is we were finishing a lesson with Pedro and Sister Richards said the closing prayer. I had forgotten to warn her about religions where everyone talks during the prayer (exclamations like "Praise the Lord!" and similar) and when Pedro's mother starts exclaiming "Oh Lord, bless us all!" Sister Richards freezes and Pedro and I motioned for her to keep on going. I dont know which of us four started giggling first, but in the end we were all laughing, even Pedro's mom. It wasnt a very reverent prayer but... Mission adventures, what can ya say? :)
The other day we were walking to lunch when we walked past two dogs and Sister RIchards says "Look! Two friends!" I think they heard us because the followed us for the next 4 or so blocks... We named them Steve (Sister RIchards) and Baltasar (me) and they were quite hilarious.
As for Christmas, it was absolutely wonderful! Christmas Eve we got to teach a lot of people and find new less actives and investigators. We had Christmas Eve dinner (a ceia de Natal) with Presidente Rocha and his family and watched the Christmas devotional as we ate! On Christmas we had lunch with all of the sisters in our zone (good thing we literally live in the apartment right by them) and we had delicous sausage, salad, mashed potatoes, rice and for dessert Sister Soares dos Santos made an amazing cake and ICE CREAM! In the morning we had hung our stockings (our real socks) by our fire place (paper taped to the wall, come on, we are in an apartment in Parnaíba) and Sister Robins made a Christmas tree out of a tree branch and ornaments made out of decorated paper with floss. Missionary life calls for creativity. :) After lunch Sister Richards and I took brownies we had made to our less actives and investigators and sang Christmas hymn duets. It was very neat and everyone loved the visits! Skype was wonderful, of course, my family is hilarious and it was a perfect ending to a great Christmas.
The miracles of the week are too numerous to name, so Ill include my favorites. TONS of our people came to church yesterday which was perfect because it was the Primary program! It was so neet to see all the cute kids participate, especially João Vitor, who was baptized a few weeks ago. This is the kid who I thought couldnt talk when I first met him,/. He read his part in front of everyone in the microphone! So neat!
 Our less actives are making tons of progress, especially Pedro and Thiago, who both took out the gages of their ears and have started talking about serving missions. So excited!
And now for my favorite part: The best Christmas present I received was a FAMILY of FOUR members who are MARRIED and are going to be baptized on January 9th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marcos Antonio (who already keeps the word of wisdom, this guy is perfect!) and his wife Elizangela, and their two daughters Estefani (who is 15 and reminds me a ton of my sister) and Victoria (who is 9). They came to church yesterday and loved it and participated a ton. We are going to have a Family Home Evening with them tonight and Im so so so excited to keep working with them!
I am so grateful that our Heavenly Father loved us enough to give us the gift of His beloved Son and the Atonement. I know that when we keep the commandments and our covenants, our family can be together forever and we can receive all the blessings Heavenly Father has in store.
Have a wonderful week!
Sister Knapp

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