Monday, December 14, 2015

Nova compa, batismo e aventuras de casa

Ola! Feliz quasi Natal!
This week has been interesting, as Sister Richards described it. I am SUPER EXCITED for this transfer, I get to train again! My companion, SIster Richards, is seriously an angel! She is from Frisco, Texas and as all the people here say "she looks like a Barbie!!!" :) haha Its super funny to be two American girls in Parnaíba but it makes it a lot easier to share the Gospel because everyone wants to talk to us. 
So because Ramo 2 split into two areas and we have another companionship of sisters, Sister Richards and I had to move. But we moved to the apartment next door so its not that bad. :) The only problem was that it was full of OLD stuff from past missionaries and dust and just a nightmare. So we've basically been homeless people for this past week as we cleaned the apartment and got furniture (our fridge and stove STILL haven't shown up so we are being creative). But now it looks like a real apartment and "someday my fridge will come"... :) (like in the movie Snow White -- some day my prince will come)
Fun fact: this week I got bit by a dog! Official missionary status! Dont worrry though, the dog was the cutest puppy on planet earth with like no teeth so it didnt do more than tickle, but I get to say that I was bitten by a dog on my mission!
Latest name variation: Sister Nike. Im actually suprised I havent heard this one yet because its pretty close to Knapp (well... more than Sister Katchy Patchy).

Now for the MIRACLES! 
SOCORRO AND CARLOS DANIEL AND JOÃO VITOR WERE BAPTIZED! Seriously, this was miraculous! Theyve been waiting FOUR YEARS and now its real! Ive never seen them so happy, and Raimunda (Socorro's mom who has been inactive for a while) came and said "I want to be baptized again too! its such a good feeling!" It was really spiritual and the Releif Society made a gorgeous and delicious fancy cake to celebrate both their wedding and baptism. 
Pedro, our less active, is also progressing a lot! He came to church AND brought his friend this week! They´re awesome!
We had a neat experience on Thursday: we passed a house with Christmas lights and felt the need to clap (not knock of course). THere was a less active member, Thiago, who we started talking to and told him that we were there to help him come back to church. He told us that he felt Heavenly Father had sent us because he was making new years resolutions and one of them was to come back to church. Sister Richards shared a scripture about enduring to the end and he cried and said he needed to come back. So neat!
Yesterday we had district conference and afterwards we went out looking for new investigators. We had some neat lessons, and all the people we invited to baptism  accepted!! My favorite was at a house that Sistesr Richards chose, we clapped and a young man (20 something) named Yago (like the parrot from Aladdin!) answered the door. We started chatting about service and then transitioned into the Restoration. He was really interested and we are going to stop by tonight and give him a Book of Mormon. He promised to pray and ask about the Restoration (which he found very interesting) and he accepted to be baptized on January 2! Seriously, these next few weeks are going to be FULL of miracles! More than usual!
Thought of the week comes from President Melo in our district conference: "If you want to get to know the Savior, serve." I loved this and I know that service is the best antidote to sadness. I love the scripture in Mosiah that teaches that serving others serves God.
Have a wonderful week!
Com amor,
Sister Knapp

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