Monday, February 8, 2016

Caraval e muito calor (e milagres!)

This Friday was the beginning of Carnaval here in Brazil which goes until Wednesday. Our schedule has been changed for these days so we are studying at night (we have to be home at 6 pm) and working starting at 8 am! Its been challenging since most of our investigators are out of town but we have still been seeing miracles! One big carnaval miracle was on the first day of going out to teach at 8. I thought it pretty difficult for ANYONE to let us in at that hour, but Sister RIchards and I said a prayer and headed out to work. We have to walk 3 blocks before we get to our area, but when we crossed the street where our area began, two adorable dogs ran up to us. We started talking to their owner, a lady named Socorro, who invited us in to share a message with her! She is super friendly and was super excited to hear our message and invited us to return the next day to teach her and her daughter, Dani. We told her that we had prayed to find someone to teach and she said "Well then I was outside just waiting for you!" 
Another miracle is with our less active, Mario, who was re-activated (after 4 consecutive Sundays of attending Church) yesterday! We taught the Word of Wisdom and invited him to stop drinking coffee. He said that he would think about it and we could come by after lunch and bring bread to eat with hot chocolate. So after lunch we came back with the bread as promised and together threw out all the coffee and the coffee strainer and drank hot chocolate to celebrate! He bore his testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday about the word of wisdom and how he is already noticing a difference!
Another miracle Remember Thiago, the less active brother we met and helped come back to church a few months ago? Well he was called yesterday as our new Branch Mission Leader! Woohoo! We are super excited to work with him!
This week has been rather hot (like seriously, really hot and stuffy) and I echo the words of a little girl on the bus  "Its so hot that when I get home Im taking THREE showers!" Good idea. :)
Today Sister Richards and I decided to be creative and compose a poem. We hope you enjoy it

A Day In The Life of Sister Knapp and Sister Richards
6:30 AM time to awake
For missionaries there is no break.
Exercise, get ready, and study
With my companion - she's my buddy.
Then time to go out in the sun
The work and fun have just begun.
Almoço with members is nice
But all we eat are beans and rice.
After our lunch we try to teach
But everyone is at the beach.
New people then we try to meet
We greet the people in the street.
We teach about the Restoration,
Eternal families, and Salvation.
"Come visit the church!" we say
"Also read this book and pray!"
"Possibly another day..."
Just when we think they understand
They question us about our land
The language too - "Your eyes are BLUE?!"
You think that hearing this is new?
Our battle has not yet been fought
Keep working even though its hot.
Our faces now are dripping wet
But we're not crying, its just sweat.
On my foot a brand new blister
Price to pay to be a Sister.
My dear friends in Piauí
Don't drink coffee, don't drink tea.
Drugs and alcohol we flee.
"But wait a second, we cant smoke?
This has to be some kind of joke!"
We challenge them to try it out
This way they can remove their doubt.
"We know for certain this is true,
Moroni 10 says you can too!"
Their testimonies start to grow
A new light in their eyes does glow.
Faith and repentance are the start
Of the mighty change of heart.
Baptism and confirmation
Necessary for salvation.
The Holy Ghost is your best friend
He'll help you endure to the end.
Miracles are in all we see.
The mission is the place to be!

The scripture for the week is in Mormon 9, the middle of the chapter where we learn about miracles. I know that God does not change, and because of this fact, He will always be a God of miracles. He performs miracles in our lives daily. 
Have a great week!
Sister Knapp

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