Monday, February 15, 2016

Todo Mundo Doente

Well.... This week has been rather tough. Carnaval is over (this is good news!) but now everyone is sick! No, not zika, but there are lots of flies now that are causing a stomach virus that everyone got. And those who didn't got a cold. Sister Richards was in the first category and she is doing much better now! I was in the second category and I am doing much better too! The cold caused an ear infection, but everyone here is taking such good care of me that I can't help but get better fast! On Thursday we were out working with our Sister Training Leader, Sister Patrocinio, and we had to come home early because Sister Richards and I were both feeling really sick. Well, I wanted to keep on working, but when the investigators could only comment "Você está bem gripada!" (You sure do have a cold!) and Sister Richards puked in a gutter, yeah um we went home fast. So the rest of the week we spent finding doctors (our district and branch president took us to basically all the doctors in Parnaíba until we found someone who could see us that day) and resting lots. Being sick in the mission is no fun. BUT there are always miracles! We gained even more appreciation for how AWESOME our branch is and how much they love us! And hard times make the good times even more appreciated!
Now for the stories of the week:
We went to visit a less active member and were teaching the restoration when his mom started to hardcore want to Biblebash with us. Like yelling while we were trying to bear our testimonies. It was a ridiculous situation because this lady was wearing nothing but a ripped pillowcase ("its too hot to wear clothes!" she said) and trying to tell us that we were being brainwashed... Well... Mission adventures right? The Church is still true!
Church yesterday was also an adventure. Right as we got there it started raining and the power went out. So we had pretty much no one there and no power. But during the intermediate hymn, which was Count Your Blessings, a bunch of people showed up! Woohoo! We had sacrament meeting and Sunday school in the semi-dark and then had to cancel the last hour because we could hardly see each other. :) 
Yesterday while walking to lunch we passed two exciting things that made us stop and take pictures: a door that said "I love you" (On Valentines day!") and a large iguana. We startled the guy coming out of the house with the cool door and asked him if we could take a picture. I don't think he'd been asked that before, but he very graciously shut the door while we took our pictures. I think we made him smile. :) And the iguana was by a mango tree eating a mango. We've seen more iguanas this week than in my whole mission! I think the total is 5.
Also... We taught three people named Socorro in one day. Its a common name.
In other news, Sister Richards and I have fine tuned the art of making stove top popcorn. Like, the perfect quantity with almost all the kernels popped and none burnt. Skills!
Funny story: we were walking down the street and passed two trees and Sister Richards said the following: "Sister, these two trees represent me before and after the mission. This one is young, green, and alive! Now look at that one. Burnt and dead." Yes, this is how we feel after walking in the sun! But he that loses his life shall find it right? :)
Our investigators are about the same as last week. Genesio is still waiting on his marriage papers to go through (any day now!) and is doing great quitting coffee! We still haven't seen Sara and Rafael after their trip but I have faith that this week we will find them and see many miracles! And of course, finding new investigators!
While cleaning our house today we were listening to a song that said something that really stood out to me: maybe blessings come through raindrops. Maybe the hard times are what we need to help us truly get to know our Savior. It made me think of Isaiah 55:9 and how the Lord's ways are higher than our ways. Sometimes we don't understand the whys of life, but we can trust that the Lord has a perfect plan for us and that He never gives us things that we cannot bear. Trials are proof that the Lord knows we are ready to grow a little more!
Have a lovely week! Count the blessings!

Sister Knapp

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