Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Trip to Brasil

Ola minha familia!

I only have a few minutes to let you know I HAVE ARRIVED to Brazil, I am now in the CTM and I like it a lot. I My current companion is Sister Pace, who was in my roommate before.
It's funny becasue Brazil reminds me to Spain. It's hot but not much,nice and waaaaarm. I'll tell you about my trip:

When we were about to board the plane from Atlanta to Sao Paulo, us missionaries from SLC didnt have seat assignments. So they were assigning them and when it was my turn the phone rang. The lady talked for a bit and hung up and said "its your lucky day". I thought I had gotten the last seat and felt super bad for the other missionaries but then she handed me my ticket. My seat was 4B. THAT"S RIGHT BUISINESS CLASS!!!!! WOW! What had happened is the guy with that seat had his wife on the same flight but she was in economy and he wanted to sit by her, so he swapped seats. But anyway, flying first class. It was seriously the coolest thing of my life. I made tons of friends (the lady sitting by me and I are bffs now, she's from Sao Paulo) and got to talk a lot and be a missionary. I gave out one pass along card on my first flight, and on the next flight I gave out SIX (I had asked for some more from other missionaries because I only had 2) AND got the phone numbers of two ladies that were very interested in meeting with the missionaries. :D So I feel like my sitting up there was justified. haha One of the flight attendants teased me that I must have done something good, and I told Elder Porter (who had been behind me in line and was rather bummed out that he didn't get buisiness class too) that it was because I had volunteered to pray that morning on the bus to the airport. I learned the Portuguese word for fancy (chique) and my new friend and I said it a lot (like when we did a toast with our drinks). The food was suuuuper fancy (proschuto and ice cream sundaes and fancy pasta with brussel sprouts) and then the seats TURNED INTO BEDS so I got to sleep like royalty. The flight attendants and passengers around me would chuckle on occassion at how excited I was. The other missionaries were kinda jealous, but I reminded them that they had gotten Nutella with their breakfasts and I hadn't ;)
Entao.... Seriously, first class was legit. So the trip was actually really really really great. None of my luggage got lost and we didn't get lost and we made it to the CTM with no problem at all. The drivers here are CRAZY though (our bus driver was good), and the motorcyclist zoom between the cars and they look like they're going to crash and basically I have promised myself that I will never drive in Sao Paulo ever.

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