Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Eu sou grata por minhas bencaos! (no accents, sorry!) [I am grateful for my blessings]

Oi familia e amigos!
First of all, happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! We get to celebrate it here at the CTM (gotta love having lots of Americans) by watching the devotional broadcasted from the Provo MTC, so we're pretty excited! I hope you all have a marvelous day being grateful and eating yummy food and spending time with family. :)
So. Brazil. I absolutely LOVE it here! The weather is so nice and warm and humid (all of the sisters touch my hair because it's so curly and poofy, gotta love humidity) and it's super weird to me that it's summer and Christmas is coming. Also, the food here is just wonderful. The breakfast is always the same, which is not a problem at all because I could eat it all day. There's this hot cereal that I have no clue what it is (it was accurately described by an Elder in my district as "creamy mystery goodness") and these great rolls that you can put cheese and ham in and this wonderful hot chocolate. So good. Also there are all kinds of meat that I just don't question what it is but it tastes good and lots of rice and beans and fruit and veggies and basically I just should have been eating Brazilian food my whole life. And Guarana is awesome too. :)
Portuguese is really great too, I've had quite a few Brazilians ask me if I had Brazilian family or if I'd studied Portuguese for a long time because I apparantly sound almost native. Woot! I find myself thinking, dreaming, and praying in Portuguese all the time so if I suddenly forget how to speak English or Spanish I wouldn't be surprised. Also I seriously can't spell anymore, just in Portuguese, so combined with the fact that we don't have a lot of email time or spell check, I ask that you all would forgive my spelling errors. :)
More stories: my companion, Sister Pace, is SO AMAZING! I just love her to death, and it's awesome not being a solo sister! I had to change districts to be with her (her class is a week behind where I was) but it's so worth it to have a companion, especially one as awesome as she is. We have so many inside jokes and we have a goal to only speak Portuguese together so we're learning lots.
Another fun fact: as soon as I got here I was made the choir pianist. And you know who's in the MTC choir? The whole MTC. :) haha So we've done two musical numbers so far and I have another three lined up before I leave, so that's fun. I'm really thankful that I studied piano, it's really helpful!
STORY: So last week we got to go proselyting outside in the real world of Sao Paulo! We took the city bus to a park by a metro station and we had 4 Book of Mormons as a companionship and an hour to give them out. It was sooo amazing to talk to people who at first weren't interested at all ("No, sorry, I don't want to hear about your book") and then we'd quickly bear our testimony and then you could just see something change in their eyes, like a light turning on, and they became excited to hear the wonderful message of the restored gospel of Christ. Of the five people we talked to, only one turned us down. I cannot even wait to go to Teresina next week (NEXT WEEK!!!) and do this every day!
Okay so here's the funny story. When Sister Pace and I finished giving out our copies of the Book of Mormon, our instructor had us help a companionship of Elders. We (the 4 of us) were talking to a lady when this creepy guy came up and tried to put his arms around Sister Pace and I. I completely ignored him and continued talking to the lady we were teaching, and the Elders talked to him. Basically he just wanted money for drugs, but the funny part is that when he left he tried to hug one of the Elders and he stole his verb card (a yellow paper the Elders keep in their shirt pocket that has the common verb conjugations) thinking it was money! haha All is well that ends well, and we all got a good laugh out of it. Hopefully he can conjugate better now. :)
I hope you all have a lovely week! Next email will most likely be from the mission field! SO EXCITED! :D
Muito amor para voces!
Tchau tchau pica-pau! (The American sisters say that a lot, "bye bye, woodpecker!")
Sister Knapp

Sister Knapp and Sister Pace in Provo
Happy Thanksgiving!

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