Thursday, December 4, 2014

Safe and sound in the mission field

Cristina arrived to Tresina on December 2. Here are some pictures that the mission president's wife sent  today :) together with this message. So precious! (especally for a mom that is dying to know what's going on :)

                          Querida família

Sua querida missionária chegou em segurança.
Ela está muito bem e feliz.

As fotos da  missão estão no
Qualquer dúvida pode nos telefonar ou enviar um e-mail.


Presidente e Sister Siedschlag 

Arrival- at the airport
Interesting fact about the missionaries that arrived with Cristina, it shows how the Cruch is growing and getting more diverse. Of the 11 elders and 3 sisters. 6 elders are from the USA, but none of them from Utah. 5 from Brazil and 1 from Honduras. 3 sisters: 2 from Brazil and Cristina.

One thing that made me smile is the the sisters that came with her, their last names are Nascimento and Maria. Perfect names for Christmas :)
New missionaries
Her first companion is Sister Maeno, who was born in Brazil and raised in Japan, so she speaks Portuguese as a native.

Sister Knapp and Sister Maeno

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