Monday, August 24, 2015

10 meses e 20 anos

Olá! Bom dia!
Greetings again from Maiobão! This week has been marvelous, full of great events and more to come! I've passed my 10 month mission mark and today my 20 year life mark (mission birthdays are the best, by the way) and we had zone and stake conference! Woohoo!
Our zone conference on Friday was super great, and Sister Espinola and I got to teach a bit about the Book of Mormon and also teach with the Zone Leaders about obedience and "burying our weapons of war" (Alma 24:17). Ive been learning so much on my mission about the importance of obedience in ALL things, and that it truly brings blessings! Our challenge, which I extend to all of you as well, is to make a few goals about what weapons of war we have in our lives that we can bury to better serve the Lord. (examples: lack of patience, yelling, not studying on time (mission life :) ) and many more) I know that as we strive to follow the commandments, not only do we draw closer to God, but we are happier! Mosiah 2:41.
Funny story of the zone conference: we had ice cream as a treat, and when I went to  help serve it I was informed by Elder Amado (a missionary from Cabo Verde, Africa) that there were no spoons. He said, "Sister, if you find a spoon, I'll give you R$20!" So I started digging through the cupboards and guess what I found? A spoon! The only issue with the spoons that I found is that they were very tiny, the size of my finger, and wouldnt exactly work to serve ice cream. BUT it was a spoon, nontheless! All the missionaries laughed at Elder Amado's reaction as he tried to defend that it was too small to be a spoon, and it didnt count but... A spoon is a spoon no matter how small! haha :) I didnt get my R$20 (he gave me instead a piece of paper with R$20 written  on it) but the laughter was worth it. :)
Another funny story is while we were on the bus, a guy proposed to my companion and we gave him a Plan of Salvation pamflet. :) He also told everyone on the bus to "clap your hands if you love Jesus!" 
Stake conference was perfect as well, with M and his wife F coming with us! They LOVED it and we are excited to continue working with them to baptism! And MIRACLE, we sat on a bench by a lady in a blue dress. I asked what her name and ward were and she said "Maria Evanilde from Vila Palmeira." I almost cried when I realized she was the same woman I wrote about a few weeks ago that I found with Sister Maria and who was baptized! Tender mercy! <3
I'm out of time, so  I will share more miracles next week. Have a wonderful week, read Mosiah 5 (my current favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon) and smile!
Muito amor,
Sister Knapp
10 meses y 20 años

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