Monday, August 10, 2015

If you give a Sister a pancake...

Oi a todos!
So many stories this week! I'll try to type fast!
First of all: Transfers were last week and I am loving that I get to stay in Maiobão and be companions with Sister Espinola! She is hilarious and we work hard and I know we are going to see tons of marvelous miracles!
Okay, the stories are just going to come in a random order now:
On Wednesday we were walking and ran into the son of a family we are teaching. He was excited to see us and wanted us to meet his friends. He called out to a girl near him "Hey! Hey! HEY!!!" and when she didnt pay attention he grabbed her face and said "GUESS WHAT!" He then pointed to me and said "Sh'es from the United States!" and pointed to my companion and said "And shes from Peru!!" The girl wasnt as interested in meeting foreigners I guess, because she just shrugged, but it was really funny to see how excited some people get to meet people from different countries. :)

Another story: This week we stopped by a locksmith to buy a padlock and when I asked the price the guy said "I'll give it to you for free. Because you have a beautiful voice when you speak. Your American accent is wonderful. And your voice is beautiful." So.... That's the story of how I got a lock because I have a nice voice, I guess :)

Third story: The zone leaders, Sister Espinola and I went to Teresina this week for a leadership meeting. When our bus was about to leave São Luis this conversation happened:
Woman on the bus "Bus driver! You have to pray to Jesus so that we wont get in a wreck!"
Bus driver: "Dont worry, I did, and I asked to have an angel here to protect us."
Sister Espinola then said to me "Dont worry, there are four of us here." :) haha And our journey was safe, no worries when there are missionaries on board. :) #lotsofprayers

Now to explain the subject (a variation of the book "If you give a pig a pancake"): If you give a Sister a pancake.... She'll want some Maple to go with it. This, my friends, is a true fact. And while in Teresina I recieved a wonderful package with maple syrup and another with peanut butter, which is a wonderful combination. I excitedly shared this fact with my fellow American, Sister Robins, and that night (my companion and I were staying with the sisters in Teresina) we made pancakes with peanut butter and maple syrup. We loved it and the sisters who had never tried maple syrup or peanut butter loved it too. :)
Another story: Yesterday I was able to give a talk in sacrament meeting about missionary work (suprise right? :) ) and I loved preparing it. Its so neat to see how I've changed as a missionary, I remember my farewell talk I was terrified, and yesterday I just wrote down some scripture references and gave a ten minute talk no problem in Portuguese. Seriously, Heavenly Father helps His missionaries so much. 
We have an investigator family, M and L and their kids, who are SO GREAT! We taught them Saturday night and they promised to come to church on Sunday (WHICH THEY DID!) and they asked what activities the church had on Mondays. We said nothing, because of Family Home Evenings. We explained what that was and they were so excited when we offered to teach them tonight how to hold their own FHE. THey invited some neighbors and I'll share next week how it goes! Super excited!!
The spiritual thought from this week comes from part of my talk yesterday: Christ called us to be Fishers of Men. When we fish a fish, the fish dies. But when we fish a man (or woman), they are able to receive Eternal Life. I am so grateful for the privilege to share the things I know are true, to be able to testify that Christ lives! God is our loving Heavenly Father and we have a living prophet! I know that true happiness comes through following the teachings of our Savior, Jesus Christ. <3

Have a wonderful week!
Muito amor,
Sister Knapp

B-day present!

The city of Teresina


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