Monday, September 21, 2015

Tem SISTERES em Parnaiba!

This week was absolutely an adventure and full of many many miracles! On Tuesday we had our trainer meeting and after lunch we had a few hours to just talk to people and invite them to church! It was great fun, I was with Sister Patrocinio, who is hilarious, so we had a blast. But the best part of the day was when we got to meet the new missionaries! My companion is Sister Reis, from São Paulo, and she is AWESOME! Seriously, she is such a great missionary it doesnt feel like she is brand new because she is so calm and teaches so well. On Wednesday we were able to travel to our new area: Parnaiba! We are working in Ramo 1 (Branch 1) and I know that we are going to see SO MANY miracles this transfer. We share an apartment with Sister Robins (the same sister I was with in Cidade Jardim six months ago) and the new sister she is training, Sister Lockhart. Fun fact: three Utah sisters in one house means lots of pancakes. :) haha Sister Reis is helping us with our Portuguese, but don't worry, in our house its SÓ (only) português! :) Its been kind of a shock for Parnaiba to have us here because the last sisters were in Ramo 3 and over 6 years ago (the last time Ramo 1 had sisters was more than TEN years ago). One guy said to us "You're the first women missionaries Ive seen in my life, I didnt know you existed! I thought it was just men!" hahaha :)
Our house here in Parnaiba is wonderful: we live on the top (third) floor of an apartment and its small but easy to keep clean and the walls are light blue! (The favorite color of the other three sisters, and I aboslutely love blue walls) Its REALLY windy here, so our house makes lots of sounds and we have to be careful with our skirts as we walk :) haha But its wonderful because now is the hottest time of the year, and its like having a giant fan following us wherever we go, so Im a big fan (pun not intended) of the wind. 
The branch here received us super well! I already love everyone here! We havent had any lessons by ourselves yet because we always had a member helping us out and teaching us where to go. Our angel of the week has been Priscila, who went with us three days straight. But seriously, our branch is so awesome and so excited to have sisters here that I know we are going to work really hard. 
Funny Portuguese word story: so my companion, Sister Reis, cut her hair today and now she has a cute afro. When we told Sister Lockhart how to say afro in Portuguese she about died laughing because afro in Portuguese is "black power". Seriously, no joke. :) Thought that you all would enjoy that new word.
Okay, now on a more serious note: I wanted to share a bit of what our district president said in sacrament meeting yesterday. He was talking about how easy it is to get distracted with our technology and smartphones and such and how distraction is one of the most powerful tools of the adversary. It made me think of a conference talk I studied last week that I wanted to share (Ill post the link since Im out of time):
I hope you all have a wonderful week! I know that the Lord works miracles in our lives every day! 
Muito amor,
Sister Knapp

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