Monday, July 13, 2015

Frango mágico e mais milagres

Oi! Bom Dia!
I hope you all had a marvelous week! This week was full of funny stories and miracles, so Im going to share a few of my favorites:
first of all. the story of O Frango Mágico (the Magic Chicken). On Friday our almoço (lunch, its the main meal in Brazil) fell through, so we cooked and ate at home. As I was hunting through the fridge to find something to eat with rice, I found some frozen chicken that Sister Espinola and I decided to invent a recipe with. While it was in the microwave thawing, Sister Nascimento comes into the kitchen and we asked her if she thought that chicken with tomato and onion sounded good with rice. She asks "Sure, but where are we going to get chicken?" to which I reply, "The microwave!" She sarcastically replied, "Oh, because our microwave magically produces chicken now,right?" Sister Espinola started laughing as I answered "Just open the microwave!" The look of suprise on Sister Nascimento's face was absolutely hilarious, and now we joke that our microwave is magical. :)
Another funny story was on Saturday, we were walking home at the end of the day when a man from a house we were passing shouts at us "IRMÃS! QUEREM BOLO?!" (Sisters! Do you want cake?!" Well, there is nothing like free cake to make missionaries pay attention :) haha Turns out it was a man we had met the day before, his son was having a birthday party, and we were able to teach his family about the Restoration AND eat cake. Best thing ever. :) We are super excited to contine working with this family, J and L! L came to church yesterday and theyre both excited to come next week!!!
We also had many miracles this week! We have a new investigator, D, who is the 14 year old sister of N (the investigator of the other sisters who is going to be baptized next month!). D wanted to learn about the gospel as well and be baptized with her brother. She's wonderful, and we are excited for her baptism on August 1! (last Saturday of the transfer!)
One super neat miracle happened yesterday at church: C, our recent convert, passed the sacrament for the first time. It is such a privilege to see the gospel changing lives. C and J' testimonies are growing every day, and its amazing to see them reading the Book of Mormon, serving in  church, and sharing the gospel with their family and friends. C tells us all the time that his life became 90% better after learning about the restored gospel and the joy that his family is finding is amazing.
I am so grateful to be a missionary and serve with these wonderful people.
Our quest is to find joy, and I know that true joy is found when living the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Muito amor,
Sister Knapp
This is not magic chicken, but a fruit from Bazil that also seems quite magical

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