Monday, July 27, 2015

Metade da missãoooo

Olá a todos!
Soooo I can't believe it but... My time as Sister Knapp is halfway done... AHH! Its going by way too fast, but Im loving every moment. And I know these next nine months will be even better!
This week Sister Nascimento and I worked super hard and had more miracles than I can even start to count! We marked baptismal dates with new families and found lots of awesome new people, had TONS of people in church yesterday (Relief Society was so full that three of us had to stand because there was no more room for chairs!!) and so many more great things. :) Here are some of the miracle stories:
First of all, a lady we taught for the first time who when we went to give her the pamphlet of the Restoration said "Hang on, I have that booklet!" She went and brought it to show us and said "I dont know where it came from, but I found it a few days ago sorting through some papers and I wanted to read it." Yeah, no coincidence. Heavenly Father is preparing her and her family to receive the gospel! :)
Adventure of the week: Sister Nascimento and I sang a duet in sacrament meeting yesterday. It turned out pretty well, my favorite part was that we invited all of the people we talked to to this once in a lifetime event and one of our investigator families, JL and S, came to church! (No minor miracle :) ) S even cried during the musical number. (Fun fact, this is the same family who's church meeting we sang in last week.) It was so neat, I couldnt believe that they were actually in church with us. :)
Another miracle of the week (which Carlos asked me to share) was on Saturday, while I was teaching with Hislene, an 18 year old from our ward. Our appointment fell through so we went to visit Carlos and Joires. They said we had arrived at just the right moment because they had been arguing. Carlos had been gone all day and had come home with a big bottle of beer and a box of cigaretes. Carlos insisted he hadnt had any, he had just given into the temptation to buy them and bring them home. I asked Carlos what he intended to do with them and he didnt give a definite reply, he just said that the devil had tempted him. I suggested he throw them out, but he didnt want to. So we just let it go for the moment and studied a chapter in the Book of Mormon, like we do each visit. In the middle of the reading, we asked Carlos if he was understanding and he got up and said "Yes, I know I was tempted but I dont want to give in!" He jumped up and grabbed the beer from the fridge and opened it and asked us to follow him outside, where he dumped thecontents of the entire bottle in the gutter. He then smashed up all the cigaretes and gave them to me as he cried. We bore our testimonies about the Atonement and repentance and forgiveness and before we left he said the most sincere and humble prayer I'd ever heard. Seriously, Carlos and Joires have made so many amazing changes in their lives to live the gospel, and on Sunday when I saw Carlos in church with his white shirt and tie, I felt so happy to know that forgiveness is for everyone. Carlos and Joires thanked us when we left, saying that God had sent us, but I told them that we werent here for ourselves, we were just doing what Christ would do, for it is He whom we represent. Its such a privilege to be a missionary!
I hope you all have a marvelous week! This week we shared Alma 7 a lot, especially the part where it reads that Christ suffered all of our pains and sorrows so He could know perfectly how to succor us. I am so grateful for my Savior!
Muito amor!
Sister Knapp
P.S. The latest variation of my name is "Sister WhatsApp". No clue where that came from, maybe because Knapp and App rhyme? Gotta love it. :)

Fashion... in the mission? :)
Teaching music lessons

Having lunch with wonderful people

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