Monday, July 6, 2015

Batismo e viajem!

I hope everyone had a lovely Independence Day and a wonderful week! We had many miracles this week, well, its impossible not to see miracles all the time as a missionary!
My favorite first of all: André was baptized on Saturday! Woohoo! He was pretty excited, as was his sister, M. She's no longer the only member in her family, and as she told me on saturday "Now only 4 siblings left!" :) She gave a wonderful talk at André's baptism and was absolutely glowing with happiness, it was so sweet. André was baptized by another André, counselor in the Young Men's presidency, which was super neat. AND now our ward has THREE Andrés so it makes life exciting. (Especially because the third André was one of the witnesses)  :)
Another neat event of the week was the Zone Leader and Sister Training Leader meeting in Teresina. We got to meet our new mission president and his wife, Presidente and Sister Melo. They're wonderful, and I'm super excited to work with them! We had great training on applying and teaching the doctrine of Christ (2 Nephi 31 is the best!) and how to better use the Book of Mormon in our teaching. When we got back on Saturday, we wasted no time in applying the training. :) We taught a woman named M and talked about how the Book of Mormon answers important questions such as "What is my purpose on Earth?" and "Where do I go after I die?" When we said this second question, M practically jumped up and exclaimed "Where DO we go after this life? Do you know? Can you tell me?" We were stunned for a moment, and she added "Im really afraid of death because I dont know what happens." We bore our testimonies that Heavenly Father has a wonderful plan for us, that she could live with her family forever. We gave her a plan of salvation pamphlet, marked 2 Nephi 31 for her to read, and are going back tomorrow to answer her question! It was a neat experience, and I am so grateful to know the answers to these important questions thanks to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!
Another neat miracle of the week was yesterday at church. It was fast and testimony meeting, and N, an investigator that Sister Espinola and Sister Quespaz are working with who is going to be baptized August 1st, bore his testimony and pretty much everyone cried. He talked about how grateful he was to know that God loves His children and that he prayed a lot to know about the message the missionaries shared. He told us how excited he is to get married on July 31, baptized August 1st, and confirmed August 2nd, and in a year, go to the temple with his wife F and be sealed as a family for time and all eternity. Seriously, being a missionary is the best ever, to see these miracles in the lives of our brothers and sisters!
Have a wonderful week!
Muito amor,
Sister Knapp

With a letter from her Spanish grandma

Whith a baby duck

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