Monday, March 30, 2015

Donkeys get thirsty too

Oi a todos!

So this week had some interesting adventures and lots of work with less actives! Woot! On Thursday we were walking to our lessons, which were a bit far away. We're in the raining season now, and the roads were rather muddy. As we were walking, I was in front and as I stepped on this pile of dirt, it turned out not to be dirt, but very sticky MUD! I was wearing flipflops because of blisters (rain and a pair of my shoes apparantly arent friends) and I almost lost my flipflops in the mud! My companion laughed her head off as I miraculously escape the large pile of mud and ended up with suuuuupppeeeerrrr muddy feet. We were across the street from a little shop, so we went and asked for water to clean my feet. They gave us a bottle filled with tap water, and as I was cleaning my feet, I here my companion say "Sister! Watch out!" I look up and find my nose about 2 inches away from a donkey nose. What. There was this random wild donkey who had wandered over. Sister Lima da Silva then said "Sister, I think he's thirsty!" So thats the story of how I ended up giving water to a donkey from a water bottle. He wasnt very cooperative, donkeys dont seem to know how to drink from water bottles, but he ended up less thirsty and I ended up with clean feet and we then went on our way. Brazil adventures!
Also, my companion loves to sing, so this transfer Ive been learning tons of hymns and primary songs in Portuguese and we basically spend all day singing. :) 
I hope youre all excited for general conference! I know I am!!! What a privilege it is to hear from a living prophet and apostles! We are so blessed! Have a wonderful conference weeked and happy Easter! I know my Savior lives!
Muito amor,
Sister Knapp

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