Monday, June 1, 2015

Viaje, zica e outras aventuras

Oi a todos!
This week was quite full of adventures! We had a wonderful family home evening on Monday with our recent convert Carlos and his wife Joires (who is going to be baptized this month!) and we talked about tithing. Sister Nascimento gave Carlos 10 limes and he counted them and then without even asking he stopped at nine and said "No, this last one isn't mine, its the tithing lime!" And then when I bore my testimony about the blessings of tithing, Sister Nascimento handed him a cup of lemonade (well. limeade I guess) and he was so excited and wanted to share it with everyone :) Tithing blessings! 
Sister Nascimento and I also traveled with the zone leaders to Teresina for a leadership training, which was fun and we learned so much! Zone conference is tomorrow and we're excited to share all the great new things we learned and focus more on helping FAMILIES understand the importance of BAPTISM! It's pretty great :)
One not so fun adventure is that Sister Alcântara and I got sick (although it didn't last too long or interfere with the work). The virus is called zica here, and Sister Nascimento thinks its hilarious because where she's from "zica" means "bad luck". And it is! haha But we're better now and officially São Luis missionaries because apparantly most missionaries here get it at some point. :)
We are working with a new family this week, Francisco and Maria, and they are so great! They are friends with our ward mission leader and when we taught them the Restoration they loved it and are so excited to learn more. I love working with members, it makes everything so much better!
Last story: we had a ward activity where everyone was given ten talents (like the story in the New Testament) and you could buy food, play games etc and in one room you could earn more talents. In the end the amount of talents you had left determined which kingdom you ended up in, the telestial (which was a room in the church with the light off and no fan), Terrestrial (a room with a fan and a semi dim light) or the Celestial (the room with AC and all lit up and CHOCOLATE). Its kind of hard to explain by email, but it was a really neat activity and really made me think how our choices TODAY determine our destiny! Im so thankful for the Gospel of Christ that teaches us the path to follow so we can be in the Celestial kingdom with our families!
Muito amor e boa semana para vocês!
Sister Knapp

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